c# socket programming

  1. Mesutyldrm

    Writing a Netcat similar tool in c# but can't receive data from linux

    Hi guys, I'm writing a tool like nc. I'm giving my ip adress and my port to listen for incoming connections. This is my source code : using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Net; using System.Net.Sockets; using System.Text; namespace Netcat { class Program {...
  2. Kamen

    Resolved How to get client's IP address and port in UDP Echo server?

    Hello, everyone. I have some problems in customizing UDP Echo server. https://chronoxor.github.io/CSharpServer/ I'm following this guide now. I want to get client's IP address and port in OnReceived function of UDP Echo Server. this function has UDPEndpoint param named 'endpoint'. I think I can...
  3. Taien

    Question UDP network traffic not reaching destination

    I'm writing an online game. I've constructed a system for passing packets via serialization. For some reason, if I run the server on my local network and connect from the same PC, it works fine. But any other PC on the network and on the internet cannot seem to send packets to the server...
  4. S

    getting exception from server in socket while displaying a string array in client

    I have created a simple server and client program in c#. The server will send a string array to the client and the client will display it and the client will sent an id to server and the server will display it. My sample code is given below. When I run them, I get an exception in the server...
  5. S

    array of strings is not getting displayed

    I have written a simple server code in c# which sends a string array to the client and the client receives it and displays it on the console. But in my code, the client is not getting the string array, so it is not being displayed on the console. Is there anything wrong in the code? // **Client...
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