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    Resolved why is date from table not displaying properly

    i have a datagrid view that displays the information in a table, there is a created row which stores dates how ever when the information is loaded into the datagridview only the first number is displayed, currently the format of the date is yyyy-MM-dd, if you change the format to say dd-MM-yyyy...
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    Question sqlite multiple tables with calculations and save back to tables

    i have a database with multiple tables, i have created a sql select statement using 2 tables to make a calculation. the return works and displays the calculation correctly. what i need to do next is take the results of the calculations and save them back into the correct table. my other question...
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    SQLite file

    HiI'm experimenting with SQLite. The program complies and runs fine, except I can't see the actual stored ID's in my file1.db. Am I looking in the wrong place or doing something wrong here? I would appreciate any feedback. I basically store random text from texbox into file1.db #using System...
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