c# sqlserver

  1. Ashen_Boy

    sql Connection .mdf Erorr

    I'm coding project Using MS Visual Studio 2017 to enter data to sql Database. when i'm publish the project to another pc its can't connection to sql database show error like image below . the connection string = SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(@"Data...
  2. M

    Inserting data from two forms into sql table

    I am developing a small pos application where user can make payments and save db. Until now I stored data from one form(datagridview, textboxes etc), but now I decided to add one more form (for payments and the change). The idea is that the user call data from db in datagridview(***barcode, qty...
  3. S

    Trouble Displaying Joined SQL Server Tables using Repeater

    Hi, here is my requirement: I need to create a web forms page which displays different local Groups (Soccer, Golf, etc.) Each group needs to display a number of Photo Albums Each Photo Album can contain a number of Images At the moment, I am able to create Photo Albums, and add images to...
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