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  1. dv2020

    Slow Formatting of Cells DataGridView

    Hi All, Trying to understand why formatting my datagridview is so slow with the code below. Is there a more optimize way to perform the below? var currentFont = datagridProSpeedMap.DefaultCellStyle.Font; string speedcol = "Speed"; decimal speedavg = 10; decimal speedmax = 18; for (int i =...
  2. Omer Butt

    Resolved Is it possible to retain auto increment even after deleting a tuple from a datagridview

    I want to ask if there is any possibility to retain the Auto Increment Primary Key Numbers after deleting a record. For Example there are 5 records save in a table if I delete a tuple ID 3 by clicking on a delete button from a datagridview it shows the ID sequence retained as 1,2,3,4 instead of...
  3. Omer Butt

    Resolved Unable to Retrieve image from database? Am I doing it wrong

    What I have is a Login Form with the name Login_Form in which I have two fields one is Username and the other is Password, Users are added to database from a Add User User Control named as UC_AddUser . In UC_AddUser User Control I have fields like User_Role, User_Name, User_DOB, User_Mobile...
  4. dv2020

    Question Dispose Objects inside win form within selected tab when closed

    Hi All, Found this forum recently which looks great. This is my first post. I have an application I'm working on which loads a new tab within a tab control when a user selects a date from a data grid. When they select a date, e.g 1/1/2020 a new tab opens within the tabcontrol and the text for...
  5. C

    Resolved List <> to Text Box - working but terrible code - suggestions welcome

    I have a small application in Win Form, that takes data entered by a user and places it into a comma separated text file. I want to be able to load that data back into the application when it is started on the next occasion. The data is taken from 5 text boxes which are generated by the user...
  6. flashkid10

    Attaching a XmlSerializer to Progress Bar from a Background worker

    How do I attaching a XmlSerializer to Progress Bar (called SaveBar)? the Serializer is called from a background worker public class TestObject { public int OneValue { get; set; } public int TwoValue { get; set; } } TestObject test = new TestObject { OneValue = 5, TwoValue = 4 }; private void...
  7. flashkid10

    Listview Check box header

    I currently have a listview that contain 5 columns and atextbox that helps search though the data stored. the search function isworking, but I want to link it to five bools (one for each column) so that Ican search though it faster. how do I attach a checkbox to just the columnheaders (and still...
  8. flashkid10

    Extracting a byte[] from XML File

    I currently have a system in a which I store an image to a byte[] (cover) in a class instance. I'm trying to extract a byte[] from the class instance, but I don't know how to do that. the code I'm using is List<Item> information; information = (from e in...
  9. flashkid10

    DataGridview specific cell back color

    I have a DadtaGridview that hold the name of events happening every day of the week (7 columens), and each of them has a different status which corresponds to a color. how do i set a specific backcolor or border of a specific cell?
  10. flashkid10

    Listview SubItem ClickEvent

    I'm current creating an app (POC) that list events, and it is going to have a weekly view (Sun-Sat). when you click on a cell it will do something; I want to send a number at a method called "ShowDetails(int x), how would I tag a number onto a subitem and have it send it when the subitem is...
  11. flashkid10

    Loading of different panels

    I am making a list manager andIi want to add in a details display on the side. the are many different datatypes being displayed on the main table and for each class of data, I want a different panel to show it's unique specific data. I know of the layering panel method, but I am always tweaking...
  12. flashkid10

    Question Retrieving a image from database

    I am currently learning how to work with databases within c#Winforms. I have created a column in the DList (the Access database) called "Cover". it stores attachments, most of them have an image in them. how do i extract the image (perferable both jpg and png) from the database (i already have...
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