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  1. youcefbourouba

    why everything in the form turned gray after i run the app?

    im prety sure i missclicked somthing(in properties) and i dont know what exactly ,thnks
  2. M

    Working on master database

    Hello, I am working on management system using winform c# and postgresql database. Multiple users can perform reading and writing operations on shared network or somehow database can be updated or added information by any user. How to share database? What important things need to be considered...
  3. dv2020

    Slow Formatting of Cells DataGridView

    Hi All, Trying to understand why formatting my datagridview is so slow with the code below. Is there a more optimize way to perform the below? var currentFont = datagridProSpeedMap.DefaultCellStyle.Font; string speedcol = "Speed"; decimal speedavg = 10; decimal speedmax = 18; for (int i =...
  4. Omer Butt

    Resolved Is it possible to retain auto increment even after deleting a tuple from a datagridview

    I want to ask if there is any possibility to retain the Auto Increment Primary Key Numbers after deleting a record. For Example there are 5 records save in a table if I delete a tuple ID 3 by clicking on a delete button from a datagridview it shows the ID sequence retained as 1,2,3,4 instead of...
  5. Omer Butt

    Resolved Unable to Retrieve image from database? Am I doing it wrong

    What I have is a Login Form with the name Login_Form in which I have two fields one is Username and the other is Password, Users are added to database from a Add User User Control named as UC_AddUser . In UC_AddUser User Control I have fields like User_Role, User_Name, User_DOB, User_Mobile...
  6. dv2020

    Question Dispose Objects inside win form within selected tab when closed

    Hi All, Found this forum recently which looks great. This is my first post. I have an application I'm working on which loads a new tab within a tab control when a user selects a date from a data grid. When they select a date, e.g 1/1/2020 a new tab opens within the tabcontrol and the text for...
  7. C

    Resolved List <> to Text Box - working but terrible code - suggestions welcome

    I have a small application in Win Form, that takes data entered by a user and places it into a comma separated text file. I want to be able to load that data back into the application when it is started on the next occasion. The data is taken from 5 text boxes which are generated by the user...
  8. flashkid10

    Attaching a XmlSerializer to Progress Bar from a Background worker

    How do I attaching a XmlSerializer to Progress Bar (called SaveBar)? the Serializer is called from a background worker public class TestObject { public int OneValue { get; set; } public int TwoValue { get; set; } } TestObject test = new TestObject { OneValue = 5, TwoValue = 4 }; private void...
  9. flashkid10

    Listview Check box header

    I currently have a listview that contain 5 columns and atextbox that helps search though the data stored. the search function isworking, but I want to link it to five bools (one for each column) so that Ican search though it faster. how do I attach a checkbox to just the columnheaders (and still...
  10. flashkid10

    Extracting a byte[] from XML File

    I currently have a system in a which I store an image to a byte[] (cover) in a class instance. I'm trying to extract a byte[] from the class instance, but I don't know how to do that. the code I'm using is List<Item> information; information = (from e in...
  11. flashkid10

    DataGridview specific cell back color

    I have a DadtaGridview that hold the name of events happening every day of the week (7 columens), and each of them has a different status which corresponds to a color. how do i set a specific backcolor or border of a specific cell?
  12. flashkid10

    Listview SubItem ClickEvent

    I'm current creating an app (POC) that list events, and it is going to have a weekly view (Sun-Sat). when you click on a cell it will do something; I want to send a number at a method called "ShowDetails(int x), how would I tag a number onto a subitem and have it send it when the subitem is...
  13. flashkid10

    Loading of different panels

    I am making a list manager andIi want to add in a details display on the side. the are many different datatypes being displayed on the main table and for each class of data, I want a different panel to show it's unique specific data. I know of the layering panel method, but I am always tweaking...
  14. flashkid10

    Question Retrieving a image from database

    I am currently learning how to work with databases within c#Winforms. I have created a column in the DList (the Access database) called "Cover". it stores attachments, most of them have an image in them. how do i extract the image (perferable both jpg and png) from the database (i already have...
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