1. B

    Feedback on CMS that auto-generates from EF Core

    Hope it's ok to post this here. I'm looking for feedback on a CMS we have built. See it here: Cloudy CMS for .NET Core, C#, and EF Core The main feature is that this CMS automates creation of a graphical admin interface based on your EF Core models. No custom API or anything to write your...
  2. mschnack

    What is the best way to add i18n to an existing custom CMS system?

    I am currently responsible for an existing CMS, built a few years ago with C# .Net and a few clients are requesting to have their website in Spanish. The websites are pre-populated with pages from a library and currently the application has no support for i18n. What is the quickest way to allow...
  3. ScottLoudon-VerelogicIT

    C#.Net Software Developer Needed Urgently! - Sheffield - ?35,000 P.A

    Hello All, My client are urgently seeking a number of Software Developers to join their team in Sheffield! :):) Due to growth they are moving into new offices and require multiple C#.Net Developers to join their team. Originally based in London and the South East they are expanding their team...
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