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    Question A strange issue with not reading a line before or after another line

    Here is my code: //Version that reads badGame = -1, //fileData = new string[lengthArray]; //fileData = fileDataFixed; FileWriteLines(pathGames, fileDataFixed); fileData = FileReadLines(pathGames); badGame = -1; //Versions that do not read the line //1 badGame = -1; //fileData = new...
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    Question Building a tree using the data from txt file

    Hi. I have a Homework, practically 100% similar to the one found here (LINK) Code goes like this.. private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { List<TreeNode> allNodes = new List<TreeNode>(); using (StreamReader sr = new...
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    Question About classes in wpf

    Hey guys could one of you please help out on this its real urgent because its for a project due the 18th op april. How to make a class for currency conversion and interest calculation c# on wpf ?? Please guys help me on this one. Thanks.
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    Question showing new forms

    Good Day everyone, I am writing my own web browser, just for something to do. I am able to surf the web and all with it but when i try to add a history form i crash. Well it works the first time and does record my history BUT as soon as i close the history window and try to open it again, well...
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