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  1. Programmable Physics

    How to know if 2 ASCII created lines in a command prompt has the same length?

    Is there a way to know if these 2 lines have the same size in pixels aka length? What code should I use to determine if they have the same length or not? Just because these perpendicular lines created with ASCII, they differ in length size according to whether they were put next to one another...
  2. T

    Answered Dialogue with CLI Process

    Hi everyone, I want to run a process in the windows console, after that, I want to pass (with button click) some commands and see the result in a RichTextBox. I’m able to launch the program and read the responses after starting, but when I’m trying to send any commands, it doesn’t work. I’m...
  3. D

    VS 2015 - Running Unit tests from cmd line, problems with initializing chromedriver

    First of all: The unit tests in this case are functional tests using Selenium Webdriver. The reason for this is that I like the VS unit test framework, and find it easy to organize the solution with separate projects for the actual automation and the tests. This is a framework which is...
  4. R


    I am posting this out of desperation. I have a class which I use to pass arguments to the command line and execute. This works perfectly for execute my command line stuff, but I have come across a problem. I have this line set up: string fileName = Guid.NewGuid() + ".jpg"...
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