1. T

    Question DB Connection

    Hi, guys. I'm working on a program in C# (I'm a beginner). I created a database with mySql on PHPmyadmin and I want to connect this database with my program. After the connection I have to insert, update, delete and view all the datas, but I have a problem: the connection doesn't work. I post...
  2. NiceGirl13

    Question WPF SQL Connection Dialog

    Hello everyone I have started project where i want the user to be able to connect to a SQL server themselves. The reason for this is that the tables might/hopefully be moved from a test server to production server. however the tables names are static, meaning that the connection dialog should...
  3. A

    Connection to the database with dataset

    hello all my problem is the database creation. when I create a connection to the database it shows me this error: how to solve this problem?
  4. FisherRon

    Question Getting a SQL Connection object from a Db class to avoid repeating code

    I am trying to consolidate code that is always the same by putting it in a DbManager class. The problem is that I'm not sure if doing this with a SQL Connection object is working properly. This is the code I'm getting the connection for: public bool CheckIfChildRecordsExist(string tableName...
  5. redserpent7

    Question Detecting a 3G connection in Windows 7 and 8 in a desktop application

    I am in the process of developing a cloud backup software. The application is a desktop application developed using C#. I need to add an option to stop/pause the backup if the computer was connected to a 3G network to save cost for the user. I cannot seem to be able to find any example on how...
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