1. Programmable Physics

    Question How to remove/delete a string that has been just entered by a user and read by console from Console Interface Screen?

    I want to delete a user input if a condition is not met, and keep the Console interface same and intact without using Console.Clear() or goto menu; I want to delete whatever was entered by the user if a condition is not met. How can I do that? If I use Console.Clear() or goto menu; the same...
  2. C

    Printing a Banner on Console Window

    Hello everyone, I'm taking a c# course in college and still fairly new to the language so please bear with me on this one. I'm working on an assignment that is based solely on iterations and decision statements in a Visual Studio Console app, and essentially what I'm trying to do is create a...
  3. Programmable Physics

    How to know if 2 ASCII created lines in a command prompt has the same length?

    Is there a way to know if these 2 lines have the same size in pixels aka length? What code should I use to determine if they have the same length or not? Just because these perpendicular lines created with ASCII, they differ in length size according to whether they were put next to one another...
  4. R

    Question Help with "MediatR" template implementation

    Hi! I want to master this small library and I have the following question. I have implemented: Domain namespace MediatrDemo.Domain { public class Client { public int ID { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public string OtherInfo { get; set; } } }...
  5. mike22

    Question console app displays products & related categories from northwind db

    and new in c# , i just have some assignment and i please for help: -> Need to create console app in visual studio which can: Read data and display in console from 2 columns (Northwind database) PRODUCTS and Related CATEGORIES. Thanks in advance on good people willing to help...
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