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    Question console does not display Chinese input string

    Hello, as my title says: on Windows 10, my console (cmd prompt) does not display Chinese input string by Console.ReadLine (but it displays Chinese non-input strings correctly). Here is my problematic code-chunk: using System; using System.IO; using System.Text; namespace 字符 { class...
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    How to Code User-Typed Console info with SOLID Principles

    I recently completed an small assessment that reads a CSV sheet, then adds to it. This is a C# console app. I'm still learning, and at this point, I can achieve MVP, but it is lacking in SOLID principles or 4 pillars of OOP. Here is a working method for retrieving a first name from a user...
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    Question Read() and ReadLine()

    Hi, I am new to this forum and C#. I have following code. Console.WriteLine("Enter a character"); int int1 = Console.Read(); Console.WriteLine(int1); Console.WriteLine("Enter a string of characters"); string string1 = Console.ReadLine(); Console.WriteLine(string1); Console.ReadLine(); When I...
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