1. Taiizor

    .NET WinForms UI/UX Component Library

    Welcome to ReaLTaiizor ReaLTaiizor is a UI/UX component library. It allows you to make modern designs using the various components it offers. Usage Step 1:Add a reference to ReaLTaiizor or search for ReaLTaiizor on the NuGet; Install-Package ReaLTaiizor Step 2:Enjoy designing Examples...
  2. TheFuentes5551

    Question How to make a controller class in a Console Application?

    So I have a normal Console Application(.NET Frameworks) C# and now I am in a need of Controller classes. I don't have an option to add a Controller class so I tried to make a normal class that can inherit the main Controller. But I dont see any parrents controller class to inherit from. My only...
  3. K

    Keyoti release a new version of their ASP.NET search engine control

    'Search for ASP.NET' is a simple to use and highly customizable ASP.NET search engine control for web applications. Visual Studio designer support makes integrating search into your apps as easy as dragging the control to your ASPX page, setting the directory for your index files and importing...
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