1. G

    Question: Propper Design and Implementation of a WinForms Custom Control

    Yesterday, I decided to start writing an application, providing the user a convenient interface for making and editing outlines. I want to implement an OutlineEditorControl control to allow this. However, I want to do a good job on the creation of this control, making its API conform to .NET...
  2. M

    Visual Studio not picking up source code changes to control that is in a referenced DLL

    I apologize in advance it this is a duplicate. I can't fine the one I tried to post yesterday. I downloaded a library for use in my C# application. It has the DLL which I added the controls to the toolbox by referencing the DLL. The library folder also includes the source for each...
  3. WiiLF

    Question Subscribe and Catch child control click event

    Hey Community! Happy to be here. I have a form that contains a custom list control. In this list control, is a flexlayout control called flpListBox with rows of results. I am having problems catching the click event of each item. I can MessageBox the sender object key (the song name in this...
  4. K

    Question Why are programmatically added controls not shown?

    Does anyone know why these controls are not displayed on the form? When I add the controls over the design and the algorithm writes the properties to the InitializeComponents method, everything works great. But if I use the same code from the designer in the form constructor with just different...
  5. R

    Conceptual help Different classes in a single List<>?

    I'm working on a project using a beaglebone/mono and I want to display inputs, outputs, alarms, etc all on a single datagridview. The problem is that the classes for these are quite different. I could just use separate classes and manually fill the DGV but I was thinking there should be a way to...
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