1. WiiLF

    Question Subscribe and Catch child control click event

    Hey Community! Happy to be here. I have a form that contains a custom list control. In this list control, is a flexlayout control called flpListBox with rows of results. I am having problems catching the click event of each item. I can MessageBox the sender object key (the song name in this...
  2. K

    Question Why are programmatically added controls not shown?

    Does anyone know why these controls are not displayed on the form? When I add the controls over the design and the algorithm writes the properties to the InitializeComponents method, everything works great. But if I use the same code from the designer in the form constructor with just different...
  3. R

    Conceptual help Different classes in a single List<>?

    I'm working on a project using a beaglebone/mono and I want to display inputs, outputs, alarms, etc all on a single datagridview. The problem is that the classes for these are quite different. I could just use separate classes and manually fill the DGV but I was thinking there should be a way to...
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