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  1. Manie Verster

    Question Create PDF document from data

    string pdfReport = ""; DateTime now = DateTime.Now; if (RecipeID == "0") { pdfReport += "Recipe_All_" + now.ToString("yyyyMMddHHmmss") + ".pdf"; } else { pdfReport += "Recipe_" + RecipeName + "_" + now.ToString("yyyyMMddHHmmss") + ".pdf"; } string...
  2. I

    Question Print Chart in PDF

    Hi, I search the internet and can't find a solution for my Problem. I want to generate a PDF Page (A4) of a Chart which is drawed from data of a csv file. The problem I run into is that I only print it out of the standard printer and not on landscape and over the whole site. How can I solve...
  3. DotNetDeveloper

    How to create PDF document with hierarchical Multilevel List in C#

    How to quickly create a PDF document with hierarchical Multilevel List in C#? PDF document consists of sections. PDFFlow library for C# allows you to create PDF with as many multilevel lists in one section as you need. Creating a list with PDFFlow is only a few lines of code: 1. First you...
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