crystal reports

  1. dv2020

    Resolved Refresh Winform Crystal Report Simultaneously

    Hi All, I'm trying to have all three of my crystal reports refresh at the same time. I am using the code below but receiving an error. //Allowing three task to execute at a time ParallelOptions parallelOptions = new ParallelOptions {...
  2. B

    Creating Crystal Reports

    This tutorial explains how to create and print Crystal Reports in C# Using Crystal report in C# step by step - FreeLearningDz
  3. K

    Question Crystal Reports 2011, table.ApplyLogOnInfo has no effect

    Hi, I'm writing a 'general purpose' back-end, that needs to provide basic operations, to load a Crystal Reports report. Using the connection string I get from the client app (a test program, at the moment), I build a ConnectionInfo object and apply it to the table(s) of the selected report (+...
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