1. TB007

    Question How to iterate through WPF datagrid columns following mvvm pattern?

    I want to iterate through a datagrid header column and get its values to a variable, something like foreach (DataGridColumn column in gridView.Columns) { var cell = column.Header.ToString() } How can I do this following mvvm?
  2. A

    Question How does mvc application get the cookies from the client ?

    I have question and i don't have answer for it my question is How does mvc application get the cookies from the client ? which of the following is correct 1-cookies are sent in each request to the server 2-the server send the request to the client and ask the client to send cookies...
  3. D

    Best way to add items from a database to both a combobox and datagrid in WPF...

    Hi, I'm totally new to MVVM pattern in WPF and even after going through a lot of posts and tutorials on the internet still struggling to fully grasp it. Anyways, here is what I'm trying to do, I have a SQLite database table with multiple columns. When I run the WPF app I want to fill a datagrid...
  4. M

    How to draw the user's attention only to some items of a ListBox

    I wonder whether it is possible to highlight or change the color of the text or place a symbol (for example "!") or something else to attract the user's attention only on some items of the rightmost ListBox in the attached GUI. The reason is to reduce the user's time devote to double-checking...
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