csv file

  1. B

    Creating a JSON File from a CSV file?

    Apologies but this is going to be a "How to" question rather than a technical question. I am very new to C# and using Json. I have a CSV file as follows: Edit - I did manage to find some code here - Convert CSV to JSON in C# - QA With Experts - not sure if this is suitable for my goal as it...
  2. O

    read csv file but it only reads the first line

    Am trying to read this csv file and make a header of all the distinct elements in it and put it in a datatable but it only reads the first line Am trying to read this current csv file and convert it into a truth table that show if an element exists in a row I out 1 if not I put 0 but it only...
  3. Milliez

    CSV Files

    How do I load a csv file into a datagrid, using n-tier architecture.
  4. K

    Read through excel files and creating a csv file

    I am really new to all this and I have have taken on a project that now seems abit out of my depth. I have found snippets of code through browsing and put them in some structure for what I beleive in need as you see below. the excel files have rows of data that I need to read and transfer...
  5. S

    Question WinForm to read and search csv file

    Hi, Thank you for reading my post! I'm a complete beginner and I need your help to read a static hard coded .csv file, display it's content in a gridview with search functionality. When the application loads, I want to display as much data as I can on the gridview in alphabetical order and...
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