1. Bojan123

    Question Decrement value from SQL database bug

    I have 2 asp.net WebForms, WebForm1 contains a button that redirects into WebForm2 which contains a contact form that needs to be filled to proceed an order. I have a drop down list in it that is connected to the database, and depending on which product a button on the WebForm1 is clicked, the...
  2. jose.talagres20

    Question C# - Dapper insert record on table with one to one relationship

    So far I have inserted and retrieve records in a single table with no problem. My current situation is, I have two tables which has a one to one relationships. I have the following table structure and code, when I insert the record in the database I have this error...
  3. I

    Dapper Extensions - Methods not accessible by MySqlConnection

    Hi I installed Dapper and Dapper extensions from the NuGet package Manager but I'm not able to use methods like Insert, Delete, etc... Is there something amiss in my project. I have a model using Dapper; namespace TBT.Models { publicclassCategory { publicintId{ get;set;}...
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