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  1. G

    Question Update using Table Adapter

    Hi, I have a sql server database with ID, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Address. I have created a wpf application that has a dataset of the database and uses a datagrid view to view the table. I did this as a learning procedure. Now I am learning how to update the database using wpf...
  2. G

    Rearranging Dataset after updating Database

    Hi, I have a database and a dataset in visual studio. I updated the database by adding two new columns to a table in the database. Then I updated the dataset using Configure Data Source With Wizard and everything is fine. But the problem is the order of the columns in the dataset. In the...
  3. Khaled K

    best design for an responsibility system

    I am trying to build a main system ( web application ) that contain different systems that provide service for sales , packing and HR dept etc , so i have many users (about one thousand users ) with different page access permissions ( dynamic responsibility that may change at any time ) what...
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