1. stad_nico

    Resolved What is the best way of storeing custom data values?

    I am new to c# and I need to store many custom values maybe as an object? I am used to JavaScript, the following code does that what I want in JS, but I dont know how to do the same in c#: var exampleObject = { "playerScored":true, "goalCount": 5, "playerInfo": { "name": "Manuel...
  2. T

    Question DB Connection

    Hi, guys. I'm working on a program in C# (I'm a beginner). I created a database with mySql on PHPmyadmin and I want to connect this database with my program. After the connection I have to insert, update, delete and view all the datas, but I have a problem: the connection doesn't work. I post...
  3. B

    Question Form needs to appear blank and ready for entry

    Hello! I am a new member of this forum and a C# newbie who is currently building a data entry form that I need to be able to only take in new data and write it to a backed SQL Server database. I don't want previous data that has been entered to be displayed. I have a form built and connected...
  4. L

    how to remove duplicate data while doing insertion sort?

    I'm basically stump at the moment. Doing a programming assignment. The task is to remove any duplicate data while performing an insertion sort. It's a console application, and uses a class to isolate the array. The sorting code is within the class and was given. Only need to modify it...
  5. R

    Data type mismatch in expression criterian. and Data is not saving in access.

    I am working in charp with access database. I have made a function and passed values. all fields values are correct but it is showing "Data type mismatch in expression criterian". I have one date picker. how to save it in database. My function is like this: OleDbConnection con = new...
  6. R

    Question Best Data Provider to use with all/almost all Database

    Hi All, I am starting to develop a new framework and need to know if there's any best or common used data provider that accept Oracle, Sql Server, Access, and another possible Database Client's. Is there any suggestion? ODBCConnection? OleDbConnection? SqlConnection? Tks and sorry the bad...
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