1. S

    Resolved Buttons for single row datagridview

    Hello everybody, I would need some help, I'm creating a program, and through the datagridview function I get the data from the mysql database, but I need to be able to add buttons (with images) on some lines. at this moment it adds the button on all lines Example: If the event has associated a...
  2. dualshck012

    How to pass datagridviewbuttoncolumn-click generated value to another Datagridview column

    So i have a datagridview that has a button named "generate" to generate a random combination number next to the button column, My problem now is to pass the random number generated by the button to the column Assignment Key. The sample image below shows my wanted output.
  3. A

    DatagridView Multi Header Columns & Rows

    Good evening; I'm looking for a source code to make a datagridView with Multi Header Columns and Multi Cell Header As shown in the image below All that is in gray is the head that I am trying to code.
  4. A

    Question Remove check box column from datagridview when clear datagridview

    i have created datagridview dynamically with check box column,once i refresh my datagrid its removes all data except checkbox column,below code for adding checkbox column in datagrid DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn chk = new DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn(); dataGridView1.Columns.Add(chk)...
  5. nK0de

    Question Painting the cell background of a custom DataGridView column

    I'm trying to create a DataGridView column hosted with Radiobuttons. I've been following this MSDN article. I've uploaded the Visual Studio project here. And for those who are unsure about downloading unknown attachments, here's the code I've written so far. using System; using...
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