1. G

    Resolved Error even after changing datatype in both dataset and SQL Server Management Studio

    I have a database and then a dataset in C# Visual Studio. In the database there is a table with a column called CardType. This was created by someone before me. And the value in this column is always 40. So he created it of type double. I was told now that now the value has to be changed to...
  2. G

    Find count of certain elements in the dataset

    Hi, I have a database and a dataset in C# application. The dataset has the list of my friends with phone number, address and a id. This is for learning purposes. I need to find the count of certain elements , say for example the total count of all the friends with ID > 3. How can I do that?
  3. G

    Rearranging Dataset after updating Database

    Hi, I have a database and a dataset in visual studio. I updated the database by adding two new columns to a table in the database. Then I updated the dataset using Configure Data Source With Wizard and everything is fine. But the problem is the order of the columns in the dataset. In the...
  4. G

    Trying to understand the database in visual studio

    Hi, I am trying to learn database management system that exists in my company. I am new to this. So there are things that I have understood so far. I want to know what I understood is correct or not. So there is this Database which when I checked in Visual studio is of type Microsoft Sql...
  5. mike22

    Question DataSets 2 console

    I have some code for listing product names and corresponding categories, by using Data Sets : created the Connection, Data Adapter, and Data Set Filling the Data Set with the Categories table Changed the command text and retrieve the Products table Defining the relationship between Categories...
  6. A

    Connection to the database with dataset

    hello all my problem is the database creation. when I create a connection to the database it shows me this error: how to solve this problem?
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