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    remove zero before single digit in DateTime

    Hi there, i am currently working on .Net application which is using Optimizely to render the website. At the moment the date picker that is being used returns a 0 when selecting a day which has a single digit: The code which formats the date can be found below: public static string...
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    Issue with DatePicker needed to be used twice with DataGrid.BeginEdit

    This is a WPF application, using a Data Grid with Date Picker. The goal is to click on the calendar, select a date, then the Data Grid goes in edit mode so as soon as I click on another cell, the Update is done on the database and the row is added on the grid, that part is working. But, when I...
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    DateTimePicker - Only updates bound control correctly when 'ShowCheckBox' = True

    Hi all I'm having a nightmare trying to get this bl**dy DateTimePicker working with DBNull values. I'm almost there, but not quite. Here's my situation. I have a service-based database for testing. Within it, it has 2 tables: Customers Finances - Contains 'CustomerID' as a FK to the...
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