1. 2BadBrockLee

    Beginner trying to code a personality type skill tree, stuck on the first array sequence

    Hi, I have finally gotten the big picture behind coding, but am stuck on the individual functions and how they all activate and such, I'm coding an array with switch statements to place the types in dockets called houses with HouseNumbers, I'm trying to get it to fill out the charts...
  2. T

    Debug-Only Code Without Duplication

    I'm trying to write something similar to the existing Debug class that allows clients to explicitly verify pre- and post-conditions of their methods. For example, to check a precondition that the input variable to a method is not equal to 0, one would use Expects.IsGreaterThan(input, 0), and...
  3. H

    Question How to debug application after an exception error?

    I wrote a C# application (.NET 4 Client Profile) which runs under Win64. Basically it works but from time to time I get an exception error message and the application crashes after I pressed OK to the exception window. The main problem is that it is difficult to locate problem in respect to my...
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