design patterns

  1. P

    Question How to integrate the AB testing methodology into the current automation framework

    We presently use the Automation Framework with MStest and Selenium C# POM framework for the e-commerce domain in our organization. Currently, organizations are moving toward an AB testing strategy for a few pages. Therefore, I am unsure of the testing strategy in existing Automation Framework...
  2. EYEris

    I need advice about custom libraries/frameworks and relevant design patterns

    I am in the process of creating a framework used for developing mostly simulation-type games (but, a general game framework is the ultimate goal). As a result, I am attempting to plan out several fundamental systems and subsystems (including Events/Messaging, Actions/Behaviors, Dialog/Quests...
  3. J

    Where to keep authentication session state?

    The Solution of my application contains multiple projects. Project for the View and ViewModel layer (the UI layer). Contains (custom/user)controls, commands, converters. And it also contains "stores" that keep state of the application. Like classes for navigation state, session token when the...
  4. PRoshan

    Question even if the assert fails the execution should carry on

    I want a design pattern which could help me resolve the problem that even if one of the assert statement fails in the test case the rest should work. I know people would say write individual test cases, but its integration testing I want to use the unique id generated in the first step for...
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