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  1. K6M

    C# violates its own syntax

    I am currently working on a snake game project for my polytechnic graded project. However, C# seems to be violating its own syntax in this particular WinForms component (look at the highlighted text). Anyone know how I might be able to fix this?
  2. riyabansal

    string manipulation in c#

    i want to fetch " Name Date Value BP 01/26/2015 15 Ht 01/26/2015 15 Wt 01/26/2015 70 BMI 01/26/2015 218.71 " date and value from this string. how can i achieve this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Foxster

    Answered Need help with problem solving

    I made a simple BlackJack game, text only, betting is done IRL, no doubling, splitting or stuff like that. It's working nicely and i'm kinda proud, but there's one function that I don't know how to implement. In BlackJack, the aces are worth 11, unless you would get bust, then they're worth only...
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