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    Tip How to capture a variable and not to shoot yourself in the foot

    Back in 2005, with the release of C# 2.0 standard we got a possibility to pass a variable to the body of an anonymous delegate by capturing it from the current context. In 2008 the C# 3.0 brought us lambdas, user anonymous classes, LINQ requests and much more. Now it January, 2017 and the...
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    Wire-frames concept in web designing

    Can some body explain me the wire-frames concept in website designing? Thank you
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    How to integrate openCV ?

    Hey everyone, I have to develop a image processing project in C#. Can anybody help me that how to integrate image processing library that is openCV library in visual studio ? Thanks in advance.
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    FYI Windows phone application development contest

    devworx by Digit, in association with Microsoft is pleased to announce the Windows Phone Application development contest. Windows Phones have gathered popular consumer as well as developer interest in recent times. If you're an app developer, then you'd be pleased to know of exciting rewards...
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