1. azhahes

    Tuples as key in Dictionary

    Is Dictionary<(int , int ), int> and Dictionary<Tuple<int , int>, int> are same?
  2. Jean101

    Dictionary List<>

    I'm having a hard time storing multiple names and degrees to my dictionary list. Im using a menu so user can add multiple names and degrees but only one name and degree saving to my dictionary list, when I click on my menu Show All Students.
  3. N

    Question For Loop preventing Dictionary search from Jumping file to file

    I want to check each dictionary procedurarly. When I use this: for (int i = 0; i <= 7; i++); It is jumping from Dictionary to Dictionary looking for matches without allowing one Dictionary to complete its search first. I want it to prevent it from jumping from dictionary to Dictionary...
  4. S

    SQL to build point arrays

    Hi I have a link and a node SQL Server table as below. I need to build a number of lines using the node and link tables. Non-vertex nodes denote end points of the line. In C# I possibly need build a dictionary of coordinates for each line. Any suggestions what would be the best way to...
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