1. T

    Resolved count DataGridView numbers that match Array

    I have a text file that is generated daily and can contain several lines with 15 numbers drawn from 01 to 25 in each line, the text can have one line or several lines, it changes every day. I need to compare with an array 'Result' and count how many numbers in each line are equal to the numbers...
  2. azhahes

    Tuples as key in Dictionary

    Is Dictionary<(int , int ), int> and Dictionary<Tuple<int , int>, int> are same?
  3. Jean101

    Dictionary List<>

    I'm having a hard time storing multiple names and degrees to my dictionary list. Im using a menu so user can add multiple names and degrees but only one name and degree saving to my dictionary list, when I click on my menu Show All Students.
  4. N

    Question For Loop preventing Dictionary search from Jumping file to file

    I want to check each dictionary procedurarly. When I use this: for (int i = 0; i <= 7; i++); It is jumping from Dictionary to Dictionary looking for matches without allowing one Dictionary to complete its search first. I want it to prevent it from jumping from dictionary to Dictionary...
  5. S

    SQL to build point arrays

    Hi I have a link and a node SQL Server table as below. I need to build a number of lines using the node and link tables. Non-vertex nodes denote end points of the line. In C# I possibly need build a dictionary of coordinates for each line. Any suggestions what would be the best way to...
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