1. SRX

    How to use styles inside a DLL?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here, so here it is, I'm making a DLL for me, to ease my job, because there are classes that I use in every project, so why should i duplicate them, when I can use one DLL to finish the job, I also wanted to add some controls to it, buttons, so its like...
  2. lmstearn

    Question DLL Browser/ Repo for Application

    Hi there, First question here as just joined, it's one regarding how to go about planning/implementating a smallish application that: Simulates the behaviour of a most basic mod manager- think this but much less functionality. Provides drag & drop of DLL files or compressed packages containing...
  3. T

    Question Running a dll file in a new thread?

    Hello there everyone! I have created a simple dll file that will sleep for 5 seconds then show a message and repeat. I want to call in my .exe program my dll in a new thread and run it constantly. So something around: Thread t = new Thread(); t.run("Test.dll"); Or something around there...
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