1. andrea92

    Use of temporary file in a docker container .NET 6

    Hi all, i've a container running code in .NET 6, dockerized and running on Azure k8s. Inside this container, i handle a message from a topic of a Service Bus. It should manage aroung 20k messages a day. Scenario description: I have to call an .exe (size around 100 MB) that take in input a file...
  2. H

    Question .NET 4.8 C#. DockerDotNet SSL

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a full-time dev, I'm likely to say/do stupid things in code. So bear with me. So I've been working on Integrating the DockerDotNet library into a project, initially, I did it all over ssh, just connect run the commands, and be done, but now I want to exploit some other...
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