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  1. S

    What would be the best way for a POST method to accept uploading password protected pdf/doc files?

    Hi, I've been asked to rectify an issue which occurs when uploading password protected doc/docx files. What would be the best way to achieve this? we currently have a list of signatures which work fine, however as mentioned when testing this api call with password protected files it returns 400...
  2. mvSapphire

    Tip 🚀 PowerPipe: A library for .NET that uses a fluent interface to construct advanced workflows with ease.

    In essence, PowerPipe aims to replace the chaos of if-else code and tangled logic with a lucid and structured approach to data processing. It addresses the universal challenge of managing complexity while ensuring software remains reliable, adaptable, and robust. Through its fluent interface and...
  3. S

    HttpOnly cookie in development environment

    Hi, i have the Problem that i want to send after a successul Login on my net core Web API a httponly cookie to the Browser (to save a Refresh Token Authorisation). But i can't see after the Login the cookie in the Browser (Development Tools - Application Data). I am in development Mode: API...
  4. A

    How dotNet signalr works with AWS websockets Api

    We are working on the ASP.Net core API application. In this application, we have a SignalR module for notification. We plan to host the application in the AWS environment. We have used AWS lambda service to host the API, we plan to use a Web Socket API to consume the notification/SignalR part...
  5. P

    Question Use Multiple Type in Generic T C#

    0 I have this interface base repo with genric type T: public interface IRepositoryBase<T> where T : class { void Add(T obj); } and this interfaces heritance from the IRepositoryBase public interface IClass1Repository : IRepositoryBase<Class1> { } public interface IClass2Repository ...
  6. R

    Question Help with "MediatR" template implementation

    Hi! I want to master this small library and I have the following question. I have implemented: Domain namespace MediatrDemo.Domain { public class Client { public int ID { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public string OtherInfo { get; set; } } }...
  7. laves

    Tip Adding an offline voice interface to a cross-platform .NET GUI

    For those who want to dive deeper, here's a tutorial I wrote and the source code! Here's a little tutorial about how I added a voice interface to a cross-platform desktop app: For those who want to dive deeper, here's a tutorial I wrote and the source code! In a world where developers are...
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