1. VivekScorp

    ObservableCollection count resets to 0 from second function call

    There is a Dependency class in android that has these two functions 1. public void OnEvent(Java.Lang.Object obj, FirebaseFirestoreException error) { try { var docs = (QuerySnapshot)obj; visitorDetails.Clear(); foreach (var doc...
  2. TPanster

    Xamarin Forms take or pick multiple Photos, attach on App-Page and include the option to delete a Photo out of this List

    Hello. I´m quite new to App programming. I want to write an App (with Xamarin Forms) where you are able to choose several Photos (or Files in general) out of the Galery, or take the Photo with the Camera. This Photo should be attached inside the App-Page with only the Filename (it is not...
  3. I

    Question Xamarin Forms The program does not work well in the background.

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with my program, it uses Essentials: Accelerometer to count the number of slopes of the device.But the problem is that it sometimes does not work or sometimes it works but not stably when the phone is in the background or when the screen is locked.The program...
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