1. F

    Looking for Sr. Dotnet Developer in Phoenix, Arizona

    Hi, We are looking for a experienced Dotnet developer position at Phoenix Arizona. Please follow below link for the JD and the application Thanks, Freemind...
  2. satya_prakash_nandy

    Answered A quest for key points about OracleCommand class.

    Hello everyone, I am just a beginner in this vast c# world. Hence I want to know why most of the code over the internet had using keyword while creating a new OracleCommand object. Is there is any significant importance? Apart from that I also want to know how to open and dispose of database...
  3. groupdocs

    GroupDocs ads

    What?s new in this release? GroupDocs team is pleased to announce the new release of GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 3.0.0. It includes a large variety of document formats. Document conversion was never so easy. The legacy 1.1.0 version of GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET supported less document...
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