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    Feedback on CMS that auto-generates from EF Core

    Hope it's ok to post this here. I'm looking for feedback on a CMS we have built. See it here: Cloudy CMS for .NET Core, C#, and EF Core The main feature is that this CMS automates creation of a graphical admin interface based on your EF Core models. No custom API or anything to write your...
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    EF Core 6 - InvalidIncludePathError' to the 'ConfigureWarnings' method in 'DbContext.OnConfiguring' or 'AddDbContext'.

    Hi, I am getting this error; 'microsoft.entityframeworkcore.query.invalidincludepatherror': unable to find navigation 'vendors' specified in string based include path 'vendors'. this exception can be suppressed or logged by passing event id 'coreeventid.invalidincludepatherror'...
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    Resolved Digital Menu Display System Database Design (EntityFramework Core)

    I would like to develop a digital display menu system which doesn't include any ordering feature. Currently I get stuck in handling entity relationship between menu list and menu item. Should I use a mapping table for them? or I can simply handle menu items inside menu list instead of creating...
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