1. henryvuong

    Encrypt sensitive information in SQL Server database

    I am creating a program with C# .NET and SQL Server to make API calls to Amazon. To make these calls, I would need to provide ID and secret codes to Amazon. I store this info in a separate database table. I need to find a way to encrypt this info instead of storing it as plain text. I read about...
  2. K

    Encrypt text which comes to StreamWriter from Console.SetOut

    Hi, I run the other assembly from my program and I've redirected the output to the file. I would like to encrypt (at least the simple XOR) output from the other assembly in "real time". I will show this on snippet: FileStream streamer; StreamWriter writer; TextWriter oldOut =...
  3. hamstergeek

    Custom result chipertext, Encryption using AES algorithm

    Hi folks, is it possible to customize the results of the encryption text using this aes algorithm. I have an encryption case how to do a conversion from string to digit string as an example plaintext: "KSJJ12BK1J2B4KJBSFDJB" chipertext: "001238912389" i want the ciphertext to be a string only...
  4. misael

    how to build quarantine system ?

    I'm making antivirus but stuck in quarantine feature. im not sure what i do is right way step that i doing now : 1. create folder quarantine [done] 2. move suspected file into folder quarantine [done] 3. encryption executeable file on quarantine folder. so the suspected file can't be...
  5. D

    Where should I store my encryption keys?

    What is current best practice regarding implementing encryption within a c# program and can anyone recommend some good articles/tutorials/examples? Basically I want to create an application which makes use of encryption (using standard .net libraries) for internal security features. It will not...
  6. G

    Question Improving speed in my code

    Is there any way to improve the speed in my script?? Thanks in advance, appreciate any help. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Security.Cryptography; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace MegaTool { public static class mega...
  7. B

    TLS/SSL Security with wolfSSL

    Hello C# development world. If looking for a progressive, low memory TLS library for security, wolfSSL now has a wrapper for C#. The Visual Studio project for it, along with some examples, can be found in the directory wolfSSL_root/wrapper/CSharp/ off of the github download at...
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