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    Question Help for an Event to detect a change in ListView subitem/cell

    Is there a way to detect when a column cell in the Listview changes and triggers an event to do something else? ie. ListView has 3 columns: item,qty,desc 1,1,item_1 2,2,item_2 3,,3item_3 When any of the of the values in qty column changes, it trigger an event with the row subitem. When row 2...
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    ListBox_Selection_Changed triggered by clearing its content

    When the user changes his/her mind and selects another item (a CT scan) of a ListBox, I need to erase the content of another three ListBoxes. I do that through the following statements: StructSets.ItemsSource = null; StructSets.Items.Clear(); StructSets.Items.Refresh()...
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    Azure Event Grid publish EventGridTopicEvent

    HI All, I have scenario where I need to publish "EventGridTopicEvent" data and at the same time I need to store this event information in the Azure Storage Table. I would like to know is there any way to get the information(like T/F) if Publish event successfully done or not(any error), If it...
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    Resolved How to set click event for primary menu items in xaml?

    My Menu is perfectly bound with observable collection in view model and all submenu items fires click event properly using below xaml, but I am unable to set the same click event for first menu items. Is it possible to set same click event on all primary menu items? <Menu Background="Lavender"...
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