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  1. S

    What would be the best way for a POST method to accept uploading password protected pdf/doc files?

    Hi, I've been asked to rectify an issue which occurs when uploading password protected doc/docx files. What would be the best way to achieve this? we currently have a list of signatures which work fine, however as mentioned when testing this api call with password protected files it returns 400...
  2. SiamIT

    Multithreading Throws Files Is In Use Excepton

    Greetings.. i am using following codes to run multiple threads at a time to get data from different links and save the data to different file as well. As the file name/path is different for each loop? i don't understand why it throws following exception: The process cannot access the file...
  3. maps

    (Beginner) Apply this “folder only” permissions for AD Groups to a folder

    I'm struggling a bit with folder permissions. I want to basically add a AD group to a folder with modify access but then restrict it. Problem is I couldn't figure out how to apply a permission to "this folder only" The goal is to set the following restrictions to a main folder: deny delete...
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