file output

  1. K

    Encrypt text which comes to StreamWriter from Console.SetOut

    Hi, I run the other assembly from my program and I've redirected the output to the file. I would like to encrypt (at least the simple XOR) output from the other assembly in "real time". I will show this on snippet: FileStream streamer; StreamWriter writer; TextWriter oldOut =...
  2. Askjerry

    Simple ASCII out to a file question. (Equiv to VB Print #x,string)

    I feel like such a NOOBE... been programming in C# for about 3 hours now... so I guess I am. :rapture: Anyway... I'm stuck on what is likely C# 101 stuff... I programmed code to talk to a USB device, create a file, pull data from the device... I just want to print it to the file. I have a...
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