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    How to filter datagridview using multiple combo boxes?

    Hi all! I am very new to coding and am trying to learn C# through little project. I spent a week or more trying to find solution, but although there is many threads, none of them made sense for me and couldn't get it to work. I have a form with datagridview and I want to create another 5...
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    Question Filtering scanned MAC address and display in textbox or listbox without duplication

    I am working on a tool that connected to my Bluetooth receiver and scan and get MAC address of BLE devices. So far I can scan and have the mac address continuously display in textbox. I am having problem with filtering MAC address?(Our assigned MAC address 88 99 66 55 4X XX the last 12 bit is...
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    Filtering a listview bound to a datatable

    I have a datatable bound to a listview which displays the output of a SQL select statement. I wish to filter what is displayed in the listview based upon text entered into a textbox above it. I have found numerous examples of filtering listviews in this way but all of them are using hardcoded...
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