1. dv2020

    Bold Cell based on value in data grid

    Hi All, I have this code below which works well. I'm trying to modify the code so it only bolds the value, and not change the font to "Arial" or the size. if (cellVal > 0 && e.ColumnIndex > 15 && e.ColumnIndex < 27) { row.Cells[e.ColumnIndex].Style.BackColor =...
  2. Duvyanshu

    Answered Why am I unable to locate font files(.ttf) in unity android game in persistentDataPath?

    Can somebody guide me in the right direction? My android game that I made on unity 2018.4.9 using C# on VS 2017 is unable to detect files at persistent data path. The two font files are located in the persistent data path directory. This is a screenshot of app persistent data folder. This is...
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