for loop

  1. W

    Question How to console cards as integers by using a List of cards

    Hello Everyone! I'm new at C#, and Would extremely appreciate any guidance =) Stack at this assignment and have a big hope the community can guide me through the process or at least partially. While unfortunately there is no feedback on my course at all. I'm still trying to read the Microsoft...
  2. justindoh

    Need some help with Iteration

    Sorry, I am not good at C#.. I am trying to write Looping for the result of data collected from each API call. Because it is API, it has certain limitation ("PageSize") to collect data each time. Currently, it has "PageSize" of 2000, and it increments by that value (2000). "Offset" points...
  3. Kevin91

    Resolved method to sum up numbers between two numbers

    I am a beginner in C# programming and trying to code a function that sums up all numbers from the start to the end and If the start number is greater than the end number, the function swap the values so that the start number becomes the end number and the end number gets the value of...
  4. K

    Read through excel files and creating a csv file

    I am really new to all this and I have have taken on a project that now seems abit out of my depth. I have found snippets of code through browsing and put them in some structure for what I beleive in need as you see below. the excel files have rows of data that I need to read and transfer...
  5. N

    Question For Loop preventing Dictionary search from Jumping file to file

    I want to check each dictionary procedurarly. When I use this: for (int i = 0; i <= 7; i++); It is jumping from Dictionary to Dictionary looking for matches without allowing one Dictionary to complete its search first. I want it to prevent it from jumping from dictionary to Dictionary...
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