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    Find all function names in unity

    I need help on how to find all function names in unity because there are so many I only know three function names applydamage ontriggerenter ontriggerexit. I already ask in the unity forum I received few useless responses and the unity learn/unity docs wasn't sufficient.
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    Default function parameter error

    Hi, I have searched the internet and cannot find anything on how to set a variable as a default parameter. Here is and example of the function: using System; int prePickedNum = 2; void MyFunction(int num = prePickedNum) { num += 1; } MyFunction(); The error is because I am trying to us a...
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    Resolved when null flag updated and conflict flag updated on SQL query statement?

    I work on SQL server 2012 .really I don't understand what statement below do updatedand when when NullFlag updated and when conflict flag updated can you explain to me according to sample below <code> result of query data details rows without grouping : Masked_ID DocumentID PartID NULLCount...
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    Read through excel files and creating a csv file

    I am really new to all this and I have have taken on a project that now seems abit out of my depth. I have found snippets of code through browsing and put them in some structure for what I beleive in need as you see below. the excel files have rows of data that I need to read and transfer...
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    Calling methods on one form from another

    Hi All. I have a program which when a button is clicked on Form1 it runs a vision system operation on an image in a window on a Form1. There are also other buttons on the Form1 which can change things like threshold levels so the inspection can be run again with different settings. It all works...
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