1. KasunLee

    Google API Customsearch. I'm Getting the Error [400]: "Request contains an invalid argument." (C#)

    Hi! I'm trying to make an app to download images from Google search queries. And I get the Error [400]: "Request contains an invalid argument." at listRequest.Execute().Items. Current code: using Google.Apis.Customsearch.v1.Data; using Google.Apis.Customsearch.v1; using...
  2. C

    Question What is the easiest way to obtain data from a database?

    Hopefully there will be a good answer to MY QUESTION: what do I need to be able to fetch data from a file like excel for my website, that is made with html, css, javascript? -(languages, api, stuff I have no idea about) I read a bit about google spreadsheet api, but is this the best solution...
  3. T

    Question MQLWRITE - Freebase API Login Error

    I have myself a large music db and I would like to contribute to Google's Freebase API. I can see that I need to use MQLWRITE in order to do so. I tried doing so but got unAuthorize annoying error. Can anybody help me login to Freebase? From what I read so far oAuth2 might be my best bet, but...
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