1. S

    Do you have any recommendations for a good graphic designer to help me create a more visually appealing website?

    Hey Guys I am running a successful website, but now I want to change the look and layout of my website. Also, the graphics on my website are not very impressive. Though I have a good amount of traffic on my website, I am not able to convert them into customers. I think it may be the graphics or...
  2. L

    Get Bitmap from PictureBox drawn Region

    Hello, I'm trying to solve a problem with graphics and drawing. To start with, i define a picturebox region, then with fillrectangle i draw into that region. What i would do now is creating a Bitmap from that drawn region (because then i need to use bitmap.getpixel to check colors) but I'm...
  3. P

    Pic in Circle

    My next step in this code for me is to allow the user to move the pic from within the bounds of the circle I would like the code to drive a mouse click and hold to move it Then I want to have zoom functionality Here is what I have so far... using System; using System.Drawing; using...
  4. H

    Question Random Circles in Picture Box

    Hello! I would love to know how can i draw circles in random positions but without them getting in the way of each other. I want them to be seperated at least 50 pixels from each other but without them leaving the boundaries of the Picture Box. Please help me out with this i would be so...
  5. E

    Question Manual Transparent Background Double Buffer Drawing

    Hi, I am trying to draw a series of lines to a buffer that has a transparent background which will then be drawn over another window however I cannot get it to draw. The aim of this is to only draw the image to memory once (if i'm not mistaken that's how it works?) but to be able to draw that...
  6. flashkid10

    Question Retrieving a image from database

    I am currently learning how to work with databases within c#Winforms. I have created a column in the DList (the Access database) called "Cover". it stores attachments, most of them have an image in them. how do i extract the image (perferable both jpg and png) from the database (i already have...
  7. L

    these 2 codes are smiliar but the results are different.

    private void Form1_Paint(object sender, System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs e) { Pen pen = new Pen(ForeColor); if (m_DrawWave) { sbpMainPanel.Text = "Drawing .WAV file..."; wave.Draw(e, pen)...
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