1. N

    use omnisharp to generate assets?

    Well the thing is i can't use omnisharp to generate assets and debug that's it ?
  2. I

    Matrix help

    This is the exercise. I tried to make it but couldn't. I'll be very glad if somebody would help me. Thank you in advance. There's a square matrix of row n (1 <= n <= 10). Write a program in which you have to fill in the elements of the matrix and display them. Find the sum of the odd numbers...
  3. Xade

    Resolved Invalid expression term ')'

    using UnityEngine; public class PlayerMovement : MonoBehaviour { public Rigidbody rb; public float forwardForce = 2000f; // FixedUpdate weil Physik und so void FixedUpdate () { // Add a forward force rb.AddForce(0, 0, forwardForce * Time.deltaTime)...
  4. shawnhee

    Resolved Minimize Windows Form when Clicked Outside the Application

    I want to minimize my windows form when i clicked anywhere outside it.... But this code will just close the whole program, can anyone help? I want to hide the app to taskbar, and when i press it from taskbar it shows up again....... Here is the code: protected override void...
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