1. W_Lopes

    What is the best way to perform several api requests?

    Hello developers. I would like to understand how you would solve the problem below: An application that makes a large number of requests to an external API, this external API in recent days has been showing several request errors, so I needed to set up a structure that keeps trying several...
  2. S

    HttpOnly cookie in development environment

    Hi, i have the Problem that i want to send after a successul Login on my net core Web API a httponly cookie to the Browser (to save a Refresh Token Authorisation). But i can't see after the Login the cookie in the Browser (Development Tools - Application Data). I am in development Mode: API...
  3. Qusdrok

    httprequest bypass captcha does not use 3rd party

    hi guys, I just learned httprequest not long ago, I am not really good about it, but I can still request to login some basic pages without recaptcha, when I use this site it requires a "captcha" in its data form, so how can I bypass it to be able to login This is the website I am using to...
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