image processing

  1. J

    I want to decode, edit and encode an AVI file

    Hello people, I am developing a C# App to edit my AVI file. I want to decode, edit and encode it. This is the process I would like: 1. load each frame from my AVI file into a bitmap. 2. modify the bitmap. 3. write the bitmap back into the file. 4. repeat for all frames Is there a nice and simple...
  2. Strahan

    Question Most effective/fast way to get an image's resolution?

    Hello. I'm working on a wallpaper shuffling program. Everything is going swimmingly, but I ran into a snag. I added the ability when it shuffles to be able to limit the resolution, so it only picks files where the width or height meets or exceeds a set value. As soon as I added that, the...
  3. P

    i need help to find intersection point of 2 lines in image

    we need to a code for image processing in c# we need help to find intersection point of 2 lines in image you can see my image as below we need to use from Emgu library in c# for find this points we have a code but we don't know how to use it if you can write this code for me that find...
  4. P

    Rotate Images in a Parallel For

    Hello Everyone . I've come to ask help with a problem that has been annoying me for days. I'm trying to create five images (read TIFFS from the harddisk), rotate and add them to a collection (List<Image<Bgra,byte>>)(Image<Bgra,byte> is an OpenCV Image). However i'm always having memory problems...
  5. A

    Question Need help moving from GetPixel/SetPixel to Lockbits

    This is my GetPixel/SetPixel code for increasing the reds and purples in an image privatevoid redsAndPurplesToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {// Get bitmap from picturebox Bitmap bmpMain = (Bitmap)pictureBoxMain.Image.Clone(); // search through each pixel via x, y...
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