1. Elad Yehuda

    An array of two-dimensional int as a PropertyChanged property

    Hello everyone! I'm writing code in WPF with a UserControl that builds a Sudoku board, so it can be used for any project that wants to add a Sudoku board. The idea I built is that the UserControl receives some kind of main interface that requires implementing special functions for the game...
  2. Samuel David

    Resolved Unit test project creation dependency injection mocking

    Hello Everyone, Can someone suggest me to create unit test project with mocked dependency injection & other dependencies used in business logic with sample reference. Thanks Sam
  3. Aurel

    Question about Interface

    Hi there, First things first, I'm using C# Core 7 preview not C#6 (not available in the list but it's whatever). So I create a basic interface : public interface IRegularPolygon { static readonly int SideCount; public RectangleF Bounds { get; } public IList<PointF> Points { get...
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