1. destro

    Question How do I get the values in all columns of a row with button click event in code behind?

    I have an ItemTemplate in my WPF app main window which shows the details of all personnel in SQLite database. Each row has 8 columns and one of them is the delete button. I want to get the values inside all fields of the row whose delete button is clicked on in my code-behind. I have...
  2. destro

    Resolved How can I bind my objects horizontally using itemTemplate?

    I have an observablecollection of class type as follows: public ObservableCollection<selectedLevel> selectedLevels { get; set; } selectedLevels = new ObservableCollection<selectedLevel>(); public class selectedLevel { public string Level { get; set; } public...
  3. SteinTheRuler

    Question support multiple Project Types in custom item template

    I've created a custom item template. The ProjectType is CSharp and I can select it when I add a new item to a class library, but not ASP.NET Core projects. All the documentation I found didn't cover if it's possible to support multiple project types. I've tried "CSharp, Web" without luck...
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