1. ahmedaziz

    Question why property Speak Stuff give me error when not detected by session on

    I work on asp.net mvc 5 I face issue when property SpeakStuff null it display error on console of browser tell me property SpeakStuff null so How to prevent error on console when property SpeakStuff is null how to handle it . How to avoid error null when submit . what i try as below <a...
  2. ahmedaziz

    Question validation message sweet alert display more than once when record exist before and click on submit button multi time ?

    I work on asp.net mvc Application Ajax Request Calling I face Issue message sweet alert display more than once if i click button submit more than once if i press same button submit again for same request it will display (message Employee Exist Before) two time if i press same button submit...
  3. ahmedaziz

    Question issue approval index action not redirect to pending action view although no error on debug code?

    I work on asp.net mvc Project .I face issue action ApprovalIndex Not redirect to action PendingManagersRequests although no error happen . I debug and trace breakpoint until reach action PendingManagersRequests and trace until I reach to view return View(vmr); without any issues . so why it...
  4. ahmedaziz

    Question when print page it not show as I designed on asp.net mvc

    I work on asp.net mvc i design report and it show every controls alignment success amd good but when print it show on print preview not aligned and more controls interact with each other so How to solve this issue please what i try <head> <style> body {...
  5. ahmedaziz

    Question error 404() when try to make ajax request with type post to function OnPostshiftDataUp

    I work on asp.net razor , i get error when try make ajax request to access OnPostshiftDataUp ERROR : Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 () console.log(formdata) // serialize data...
  6. ahmedaziz

    Question error object reference null after click submit button ?

    I working on MVC razor pages asp.net core 7 . I can't display success message after submit and insert data on same page . I get error System.NullReferenceException: 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' error happen on Model.userModel.Branches Expected Result is display...
  7. A

    Answered How to give red color for rows on html table that have different values on same row?

    How to give red color for rows on html table that have different values on same row ? I work on dynamic table not static get from back end asp.net sample below for explain idea . I need when at least one cell from row different from each others then give red font to full row if you see below...
  8. I

    Add form in View at runtime

    i want a form containing a text bar to appear when comment is clicked <li><a href="#" id="comment">Comment</a></li> I couldnt do it using razor so I tried writing a Jquery script <script type="text/javascript"> $('#comment').click(function () { $('div#txtcmd').html...
  9. P

    Question Error while calling a Webservice using AJAX / JQuery

    Hello, This is my first experience with C# Web Service & AJAX ... I would like to build a page like Facebook that will load the next set of records when we scroll down ... I'm trying to use the code but it's not working at all ... Can you help me ? Thank you Paul HTML Code...
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