1. lknite

    Resolved System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager on linux not seeing ./App.config or ./app.config in local directory

    Everything works on windows but when running inside a linux container the config is seemingly not being read, ConfigurationManager is returning empty values. Is the path different on linux? c#, .net 5.0, up-to-date visual studio 2019, publishing with options Release / net5.0 / Self-contained /...
  2. C

    Question For C#, windows is better than ubuntu?

    For C#, windows is better than ubuntu? I've just started to learn C# (I've arrived to switch, else if ecc), according to you, should I use windows? or ubuntu is ok?
  3. N

    Question Problem with SafeNativeMethods on Linux

    Hi, I have a problem calling the class SafeNativeMethods. I use MonoDevelop on Ubuntu 14.04 and I built the OpenNI library from its GitHub, then I wrote a program that references the dll generated by the build ( ) and It works fine. Now, the problem: I'm using Unity3d. I...
  4. B

    Write Linux server monitoring tool for Windows

    Hi guys, I have a couple of Linux servers that I want to monitor. I've been searching for good, and free monitoring software but have not really found what I'm looking for. Now I want to see if I can build it myself. I was wondering if anyone has done something similar before. How should I...
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